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Our People

Impact Academy recognise the importance of its employees, and we strive for our staff to work as part of a culture where they feel valued, supported and integrated into our company’s aspirations. On a daily basis, we strive for excellence, from customer service, through to work-life balance.

Every single one of our team members have committed themselves to supporting organisations and individuals on their journey through education and training. Our unique approach to the sector and 30+ years of experience have allowed us to develop a range of programmes that not only improve the standards of education for individuals and groups, but also increases the skills, well-being and retention of employees, as well as increase the employment and quality of life across labour market and local authorities.

Philippa Plumpton

Philippa Plumpton

Director of Education & Skills

Philippa has 18 years' experience across the Employment Services, Education and Training sectors, having worked for several leading Employment Services and Training Providers. Philippa has substantial experience in Quality Assurance and Compliance practices, which is enhanced by her operational management experience. Philippa is driven by putting learners at the heart of delivery, and strongly believes that this learner centred approach creates an environment that empowers individuals to achieve their goals. Having worked across the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors, Philippa brings the best of each sector to support Impact Academy to achieve its ambitions.