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Our Partners

Amberside Advisors

Amberside Advisors provides corporate finance advice to clients with a focus on low carbon, infrastructure and impact businesses. This advice covers evaluating investment opportunities, and structuring finance solutions to suit business current and future needs


Building business relationships. A proven track record assisting businesses across a wide variety of sectors and industries. 

NEX Exchange

Looking to raise capital? NEX Exchange can help companies at every stage of development; from young entrepreneurial ventures looking for growth capital.

Think Methodology

Think Methodology increase sales performance using a scientific process that’s hard-wired into our business DNA. They help companies understand the buying patterns and purchasing behaviours of their customers and prospect, we build communication plans by anticipating next moves and convert them into sales-ready opportunities, with compelling content driven by data, technology, and first-class human contact strategies.

Greentech Challenge

Greentech helps green start-ups succeed by connecting them to investors, top-tier consultants and industry partners around the world. 70% of GTC alumni raise money within a year. You can join the GTC-community and connect to investors and business partners worldwide through one of the 4-day challenges – check the website to find the one nearest you”.