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An ambitious and profitable social business, delivering an effective solution to the chronic problem of poor housing stock and increasing numbers needing housing. Having doubled its assets in the last financial year and currently housing 75 vulnerable tenants, Bighous is looking for equity growth capital to expand its impact geographically. The investment looks for a total ROI in the region of 10% pa, comprising capital growth and a compulsory and cumulative 5% annual dividend. Uniquely we work with charity partners from the start to identify suitable distressed housing stock that could fulfill their needs. Once identified, we purchase and renovate it to the charity’s requirements, before leasing to them, enabling them to house the most vulnerable members of society (incl. homeless, substance abusers, ex-offenders, physically or mentally challenged, asylum seekers, orphans, victims of family abuse). All of those we help house are in crucial need of care and support, facing significant life challenges. By working with charitable partners, we help ensure our housing provides a reliable and tailored place to stay for the tenants; a crucial step in their rehabilitation. This positive change would not be possible without a place to stay. The unique Bighous model recycles and reinvests capital after each completed project, allowing us to grow in scale. We extract the rising value in redeveloped assets to redeploy to new projects increasing our impact on those most in need. At the same time rental agreements signed with our charity partners and backed by Government revenue, provide an ongoing profit stream to satisfy investor requirements.