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Co-Space fuses high end design with environmental conservation to deliver flexible office space to the regions outside of Central London. With a mission to deliver working environments focused on the well-being of occupants, Co-Space sources recycled products, furniture and materials from community groups and companies set-up to support vulnerable groups from society. Using Biophilia (that’s special plants to the rest of us) to create fresh, natural atmospheres they have created plastic free spaces that make it easy for people to work in and deliver a circular economy – all outside of Central London. Co-Space founders Alistair Thomas and William Stokes said “We saw the explosion of flexible office space in Central London and how other towns and cities were being left behind. Start-ups, SMEs and even more established businesses are left with the choice of old tired spaces, providers like Regus or business centres with no flexibility or consideration for the changing needs of the workforce. We needed to address this’