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Emergex Vaccines is a company that is focusing on the development of medicines against viral and bacterial infectious diseases, using purely synthetic non-biological components that prime immune cells to destroy pathogen infected cells. Our vaccines illicit different responses than antibody producing vaccines which are associated with antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) complications.
We have developed the first approach to making set-point vaccines that modify the initial immune status of recipients in a way that ‘primes’ their immune systems to recognise subsequent infectious agents much like a natural infection would do, and thus preventing an acute or severe manifestation of the disease.

We work on addressing some of the world’s most immediate health threats including viral diseases such as Dengue Fever, Zika, Ebola, pandemic Flu, as well as serious intra-cellular bacterial infections.
Many of our vaccine candidates aim to address serious infectious diseases in less developed parts of the world, and making a positive social impact in these countries is an important part of Emergex’s mission.