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Going Green Media

Going Green Media is a planet-first media brand documenting and sharing eco projects and innovations that bring the world one step closer to a sustainable future. Our Mission We are committed to the preservation and conservation of our planet. We work to film and share projects, innovations, and stories with this goal in mind. With a focus on green architecture, sustainable design, conscious travel, and plant-based living, we leverage our passion, experiences, and expertise into highlighting the individuals and innovations revolutionising the future of sustainability. Our Story Born from a desire to share his love of sustainable architecture and design, Going Green Media founder, Ben, sought to create a digital platform that not only highlights sustainable projects, but also encourages people of all ages to get involved within their communities. Starting with only a secondhand camera and a vision, Ben began travelling the world in search of examples of sustainable design. From the indoor rainforests of Singapore to Copenhagen’s waste-to-energy power plant and beyond, Going Green Media’s mission is to inspire people online to take action in their own lives. In a time where news media often focuses on the growing issues of climate change, pollution, deforestation, and more, our primary goal is to amplify the voices, stories, and innovations that offer solutions to these problems, and a peek at a greener future. What We Do Our efficient four-step approach simplifies the process of producing engaging video content to showcase your project’s design and mission. (Consultation, Research, Filming, Publicising) About Us Ben, Founder & Creative Director With a background in studying Architecture at Loughborough University, Ben combined his learned creative design skills with his deep passion for storytelling and videography to found Going Green Media in 2019. Documenting sustainable innovations and projects in countries including Spain, Singapore, the UK, Denmark, Indonesia, France, and many more, Going Green aims to expand its reach and continue visiting other projects around the world in the years to come. Ciara, Head of Content & Executive Producer Born and raised in Florida, Ciara’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication Media & Society, and a Master of Arts certificate in Global Strategic Communication. She has worked in various fields across editorial, entertainment television, and digital media, with past employers including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Peloton. Her passions for sustainability, plant-based living, videography, and editorial led her to join the Going Green Media team in 2020.