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Green Element

We are committed to encouraging businesses to develop their relationship with the environment. There are many benefits in doing so, including reduced overheads and improved ‘green’ credentials – powerful for financial growth and public and stakeholder opinion.
The word ‘management’ within our company description is a vital differentiator. Although we are passionate about the environment we are driven by business objectives. We understand the challenges faced by companies of all sizes/sectors and tailor our services to fit. We work within your aims, your objectives, your culture and your timeframe.
We genuinely care about the environment and pride ourselves on driving this same level of enthusiasm within our clients’ workforce. But we understand that any environmental project must motivate people, but not impinge on their work.
Every staff member from cleaners to top management need to be engaged and we provide the impetus for inspiration, including key people in every element of decision-making implementation processes.
We think outside the box – drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including our charity work, where we all spend at least one day per month volunteering at a charity of our choice.