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Innovation Agri-Tech

As part of our plan for expansion, IAG wishes to partner with investors who understand the importance of creating a more accessible food value chain. Heightened by the current Coronavirus pandemic, the nation’s requirement for fresh produce, and society’s reliance on uninterrupted supply chains to fulfil an increase in demand is paramount. Our investors have an opportunity to fund an expanding industry that is imperative for human sustainability in the modern world and at a time when an investment will change the future of our planet and the lives of everyone upon it. Headquartered in Mayfair, London, and Based out of Bracknell, Berkshire, we provide sustainable solutions to today’s challenges in modern-day farming. Experts in indoor vertical farming, we grow fresh, quality produce, proudly boasting soilless methodologies that enable a 95% reduction in water usage, compared to that used in traditional farming. Our intelligent use of cutting-edge technology means that we can offer alternative food sources to a rising population. Our in-house developed solutions to food insecurity enable us to help meet the growing demand for food, predicted to have increased by 70% by the year 2050. Our forward-thinking approach, combined with our day-to-day use of progressive technology, empowers both the growing and harvesting of food for every month of the year. We can eliminate fluctuations in supply—therefore responding to consumer demand—,help to reduce the current percentage of imported food and maximise profitability for retailers.