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Innovate Recycling

Innovate Recycle Ltd will establish the UK’s first carpet recycling facility at the Chelveston Energy Park in Northamptonshire. The UK government’s Getting Building Fund will provide £2.35m towards an overall project cost of £5.0m. They will utilise proven technology from the US, but benefit from IP exclusivity in the UK, and by the end of our year 5 will have established a highly profitable business with an expected net profit margin of 57%. What do they do? They will transform the way that the UK utilises post-consumer and industrial carpet waste, working closely with the carpet industry to increase the environmental performance and build a circular economy in carpet manufacturing; and they will be at the forefront of technology and processes that enable deconstruction and resource recapture from end of life carpets and the reuse of those resources, in particular polypropylene, across a wide range of industries and applications. How do they do it? They gather end of life carpet from a range of sources, including manufacturers, waste transfer stations and waste handling companies – charge a gate fee per tonne (indicatively £85) for all processed feedstock. They then process and deconstruct carpet waste using technology developed in the United States to produce the primary product of reusable polypropylene (PP); sale to a wide range of plastics manufacturing and applications (indicatively £650 per tonne). By the end of their third year, they will process 20,000 tonnes of carpet waste pa; and produce a minimum 12,500 of reusable PP pa.