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Viridis Terra

Viridis Terra is a Canadian green-tech company specialized in the restoration and return into production of degraded lands to face the global problem of land degradation, biodiversity loss, in addition to fighting climate change. The company has developed an innovative technological package for large-scale integrated forest and agroforest landscape restoration (IFLR®). This package, which includes a mix of cutting edge biotech – tech – social innovation, increases, by two to three times, land and tree productivity compared to traditional technologies while ensuring sustainability, reducing operation costs, creating new livelihoods and revenue streams for landholders and local communities, and allowing to scale-up and carry out activities effectively at a very large-scale and in transparent way. The business model allows us to transform the cost of restoration, reforestation, and carbon offsetting into an impact investment that generates financial, social, environmental, and economic returns through time. Viridis Terra currently has operations in Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and West Africa.